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Venera Cosmetics overall report in 2014

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After the end of each year, there comes a time for reports, evaluations, learning some lessons, and making some new plans for the next 365 days as well. 2014, for Venera Cosmetics, was marked as a year of changes, restructuring and optimizing work processes. Despite these processes, 2014 was an exceptionally successful year, in which we managed to improve the vision, mission, and aims of Venera Cosmetics, to win a lot of new clients and followers, as well as considerably improve the quality of our services.

A new appearance and a lot of new functionalities in the online store fragrances.bg

After months of hard work, on 16th March, we started the new version of our online storefragrances.bg. Thanks to this serious technical step the website is faster, more convenient and easy to use, and the customer’s experience is consistent with the newest tendencies and technologies. With the new modern adaptive design the website can be opened from every mobile device without any problems. The platform also gives the opportunity for payment with a debit or credit card, epay and Paypal. The website is already supplied with a secure SSL (Secure Socet Layer) certificate that provides an encrypted link between the server and the client’s browser in order to guarantee our customers’ personal data security. Thanks to that, customers can now shop through Facebook without even leaving the social media. The perfume search is made a lot easier as well through different filters – categories, brands, prices, fragrance groups, and availability. Through 2014 our online store was visited by about 290,000 customers, and was again No. 1 in Google.bg for searching in the category “perfumes” which only proves the quality and popularity of the website.

A new corporate website

The first corporate website of Venera Cosmetics was created in the far 1999 and it was updated ten years later. That’s why, in 2014, we decided to create a new, more contemporary appearance and design for the website. In the corporate website there is now much more information about the firm, our 22-year old history, our team, our activities, as well as current news.

A perfume blog

Due to the lack of qualitative articles in the perfume area in Bulgarian, we decided that it is only proper to share our knowledge and summarize the available information about branded perfumes. After a long search of qualitative materials, at the end of March we launched our own blog in which to publish the most interesting, the most popular, and the most current news and novelties in the world of branded perfumes. On our blog you will find different advice, reviews, information about perfumers, perfume notes, as well as interesting facts from the perfume industryall the information is 100% original. The blog offers over 40 articles in both Bulgarian, and English.

You can visit our blog here: https://fragrances.bg/blog

A summer internship program 2014

In the summer of 2014 we launched the first specialized 3-month internship program in the online trade and marketing department of Venera Cosmetics. The internship program welcomed 6 ambitious students from different Plovdiv universities, giving them the opportunity to exercise and build upon their knowledge and skills in the sphere of marketing, IT, and graphic design. The interns were given the opportunity to see and understand how a contemporary Bulgarian firm works. They all had Venera Cosmetics mentors, who helped them throughout the whole program.

Take a look at the opinions of the interns and their mentors for the summer internship program Venera Cosmetics 2014.

New job openings

In 2014 3 new people were added to the Venera Cosmeticsfamily. The experienced graphic and web designer Lazar Bosakov was the first to be added to the firms teamhe completely transformed our firm’s appearance. After a successful graduation of our “internship program Venera Cosmetics 2014”, Ivan Abadjiev joined the firm’s online trade department. At the end of the year the versatile Dobromir Milchev joined Venera Cosmetics’ team, taking the position of trust “System Administrator” of our online store.

New administrative software

Through implementing of a new contemporary and innovative administrative software solution in 2014, the firm managed to optimize some of its processes, presenting its clients more qualitative and more effective service. Thanks to this innovation, all products in the online store fragrances.bg are automatically updated and now about 90% of the orders are delivered on the next working day, compared with 74% before this change took place. We also introduced the “pre-order” option, or, products we expect to be available in the next 2 to 5 work days.

More information about the Venera Cosmetics’ activity optimizing you can find here.

Social responsibility

As a socially-responsible firm, Venera Cosmetics sponsored and supported a few local initiatives, causes, and sports events of local youth organizations in 2014:

  • 01.03.2014 A free entrepreneurship seminarFirst steps in the business world” – JCI Plovdiv
  • 06.05.2014 A national crossSveti Georgi” – “Sport for everybody”, andMommy, daddy and me, grandma, grandpa, and grandchild” Movement Plovdiv.
  • 10-11.05.2014 A two-day forum “Be a Leader” Двудневен форум „Be a Leader“ – AIESEC Bulgaria
  • 01 and 07.06.2014 Sports events for children and grown-ups – “Sport for everybody”, andMommy, daddy and me, grandma, grandpa, and grandchildMovement Plovdiv.
  • 06.09.2014 A memorial marathonUnification” - “Sport for everybody”, andMommy, daddy and me, grandma, grandpa, and grandchildMovement Plovdiv.
  • 13.09.2014 A national contestFunctional fitness 2014” – “Young voice” association - Plovdiv.
  • 29.11.2014 A free entrepreneurship seminarFirst steps in the business world 2” – JCI Plovdiv.

What to expect in 2015?

Venera Cosmetics has always aimed at following the most modern tendencies and at applying the newest technological solutions. The innovative approach and the dedication to our clients are deep underlay in the corporate mission of the firm. In 2015, Venera Cosmetics will continue optimizing its intra-firm processes, aiming at faster, and more effective and qualitative service for its clients. A main goal for this year will be the provision of a bigger range of products and a greater versatility of brands. Prices, as always, will be as low as possible for the client.

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