"Perfumes from A to Z"

Your Guide to the World of Branded Perfumery

Have you ever wondered where the origin of perfumes is? How old is their history? And how did the perfume industry became one of the most profitable in the world?

Now you have the chance to get familiar in depth with the perfume world with this e-book dedicated to the exquisite fragrance and the history behind them.

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Today perfumes are an integral part of our lifestyle. We use them every day as the invisible accessory that complements our appearance and makes us feel elegant, stylish, and sexy.

In this book, we have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions about the branded perfumery. Of course, we have not left behind tips and useful and interesting facts that guarantee an unforgettable time spent for all lovers of the exquisite fragrances.

Peek behind the curtains of one of the most profitable industries in the world and let this book be your guide to the world of branded perfumery!


Hristina Dimitrova

Freelance writer with more than 7 years experience in the field of international trade, online marketing and copywriting. She has proven her professionalism as a writer. Hristina has been working with Venera Cosmetics since 2014.

Petar Dyaksov

Manager, entrepreneur, blogger, and digital marketer. Founder of one of the most popular online perfume stores in Bulgaria - fragrances.bg, , he has over 6 years experience in management and marketing at Venera Cosmetics. Petar is a true connoisseur of exquisite fragrances.

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