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Venera Cosmetics celebrates its 25th anniversary

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Turning 25 is really not that memorable. Yeah, you are already a quarter of century old, but you do not get the automatic “privileges” you do when you turn let’s say 18 or 21.
This year we turned 25. And we can say – the things you “get” when you reach that age are self-confidence, courage, honesty and a lot of gratitude.

We are self-confident for our many years of experience, we are bolder because of the know-how we’ve gained over the years, we are always honest and good because we think that’s one of the reasons for success and well-being, and we are full of gratitude. We are grateful for you. All of you who supported us and continue to choose us for all these years – thank you! Without you, this would not have been real.

We present a brief overview of our favourite and most important moments over the years:

venera cosmetics

The first perfume store “Venera Cosmetics” opened its door in 1992 in Plovdiv. Back then, besided branded fragrances, the store offered selective cosmetics, hair and body products, and various gift sets for men and women.

Three years later, the company’s first warehouse was opened. With this starts the wholesaling and distribution in most parts of the country. This was the year the company changes its name to “Venera Cosmetics” Ltd.

In 1998 “Venera Cosmetics” moved its warehouse to 130 “Maritza” Blvd, which continues to be our home today. The company becomes an official distributor for brands like L’Oreal, Garnier, Nivea, FA, and expands its distribution network in the country.

The first official company website was created in 1999, and in 2001 we opened two luxury shops for original branded perfumes and cosmetics in the center of Plovdiv. The bigger one was named to be “The best perfumery in Plovdiv”, and was listed in the Top 5 most luxurious perfume stores in Bulgaria.

In 2002, “Venera Cosmetics” already had 6 company stores, and a team of over 30 dedicated employees.

What follows is a couple of tough years for the company. Though in the end they are the ones that help Venera the most – they help the company find its true direction and shift its focus to what it does best. That is the reason why we can tell that 2011 is also very important for the development and direction of the company as this is when they specialize in branded perfumery. Not long after we launched our first official online store – fragrances.bg. Currently it is one of the most successful and popular online stores for branded perfumes in Bulgaria. The company is currently developing a new online platforms across Europe that will help us reach easier and faster our customers outside the Bulgarian borders.

In 2013 the company did a complete redesign of its website and online store and therefore was able to offer more contemporary, new modern design, a faster and more user-friendly platform with many new features and capabilities. Not long after that, at the end of 2013, the online store becomes the No. 1 website for “perfumes”, according to Google.bg.

In 2014 the company creates one of the first Bulgarian blogs for branded perfumery. The work on the blog inspires the idea of ​​publishing a book – dedicated to the world of perfumes. In mid-2016 it became a reality. “The perfumes from A to Z” is the first Bulgarian book on the extremely complex, colorful and interesting perfume world that is also distributed online and free of charge.

We cannot not mention our YouTube channel where you can find extremely useful videos that will help dive in deep in the fragrance world.

Thank you for being by our side. We in turn promise even brighter days and more aromatic experiences.

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