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The renovated showroom of ‘Venera Cosmetics’ in Plovdiv opens its doors with much modern and elegant design

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It’s our pleasure and great honor to inform you that the renovation of Venera Cosmetics' showroom in Plovdiv on 130 “Maritza” Bvld has been completed! We are happy that over the years we have become one of the leading perfume companies in our country. We have always strived to be a brand that offers uncompromising quality and attention to the customer, and the opening of our renovated showroom marks a new chapter in the company's history.


Why did we decide to renovate the Venera Cosmetics showroom?

Our customers inspired us to do something new. The renovated showroom of Venera Cosmetics offers its visitors a unique experience. The interior is designed with a modern and elegant approach, keeping up with the latest trends, creating an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Every aspect of the design has been carefully considered to meet the high standards of the brand. Stepping into it, you will immerse yourself in the world of perfumes and lose track of time! We have made every effort to provide maximum comfort for our visitors by turning the small space into a more spacious and sophisticated showroom. In addition to the interior, we have taken care of the showroom's exterior, providing our visitors with completely free parking!


Our customers come first

After 31 years in the market, Venera Cosmetics continues to be among the leaders in the perfume industry, thanks to its loyal customers. The renovated showroom is yet another testament to the company's ambition to offer its visitors the best of the world of branded perfumery. From its inception to today, we at Venera Cosmetics continue to evolve and seek new ways to make our customers feel part of our big family.


By opening the doors of its renovated showroom, Venera Cosmetics reaffirms its position in Plovdiv as one of the preferred places for branded perfumery in the city. This important moment not only reflects the development of the company but also provides customers with an exceptional place to meet the beauty of exquisite fragrances.


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