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Exclusive niche perfumery in Venera Cosmetics’ store!

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As you know, we always strive to give you, our clients, products that are the best, newest and with highest quality. During the years, we have always tried to show you that you are the most important for us and meeting your requirements concerning the world of branded perfumes is our top priority. We are happy to announce that in our online store you will now be able to find a collection of selected niche perfumes, that will satisfy even your highest expectations.

What is a niche perfume?

Niche perfumes are synonyms to exclusivity and uniqueness. While designer perfumes are made to appeal to the mass audience and be discovered easily, with niche fragrances is exactly the opposite. They are usually hand-crafted, and considered works of art – the workflow sometimes takes years, the scents are personalized, and that’s why they are distributed in small quantities and in selected places.

Talking about niche perfumery, we can make an analogy with the fashion world and “high” fashion as an concept. That is the reason for these perfumes to be available only in the finest and special stores and boutiques.

They are a great choice for the biggest perfume lovers, as well as for anybody that likes to experiment and expess their individuality in a truly unique way.

You can browse our carefully selected niche perfumes collection here:


In our store you can find world famous and exclusive brands niche perfumes such as: Acqua di Parma, Amouage, Serge Lutens and others.

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