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Optimizing activities at Venera Cosmetics – Providing better and more effective services

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For a long time, Venera Cosmetics has been providing the Bulgarian customers with branded perfumery and high quality services at the lowest prices on the market. Innovative approach and devotion to clients are key values in our corporate mission and it is extremely important to us that the people, who use our products, are satisfied with the care and attitude we provide.

Venera Cosmetics always follows the trends customers care about, both off- and online. As far as our online presence is concerned, the firm’s first website was created in 1999, being one of the first Bulgarian corporate web pages. Back then, the Internet was not so popular and online trends were nothing like what they are now.

For the past year and a half, the Bulgarian market for online trade has been one of the fastest growing segments in Europe. A growing number of Bulgarians would rather purchase products through their mobile devices, which indicates that Bulgarian customers are well-informed and follow the world trends in almost everything. Again a step ahead of the competition, Venera Cosmetics launched its very own online store – fragrances.bg, back in 2011, which constantly grows, innovates, and gains additional functionalities, in order to satisfy the modern online customer’s needs. This is why our online store is one of the best online platforms for perfumery trade in Bulgaria, available at any time, on every device.

However, for us, all of this has never been quite enough. As one of the oldest Bulgarian perfumery retailers, we must change and optimize our working process to meet a certain goal – meeting our customer’s needs, while providing high quality services at the lowest prices possible. This led our company to make an important step in making itself even more effective. Back in August, we integrated an innovative software in our activity that will help us process a greater amount of orders in a shorter time, with that affecting our prompt customer service. By optimizing store and logistics processes, we would be able to provide better customer service at the same low prices. The delivery time is going to decrease - just from 1 to 2 working days. Our goal is to deliver 90% of purchased products on the very next day, compared to the current 74%. The delivery costs will remain the same – only 4 BGN (€2) for the whole Bulgarian market and FREE for orders more than 100 BGN (€50).

Thanks to the new software, our online store will gain an additional functionality. Now, you’ll be able to pre-order products that will be in store within 2-5 working days. You can add a product to your order, which is not currently available, but would be available soon. This way you can avoid constantly placing new orders or manually looking for a status update. The website’s content and navigation will become better too, providing a richer user experience.

Our team is more than sure that this important internal change will lead to a higher customer satisfaction. We are proud to constantly be reaching new clients, by gaining their loyalty not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe as well. Also, we are happy to announce that very soon you’ll see more of our projects and innovation that we already have in store.

THANK YOU for your trust and using our services!

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